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  •       Hunan Jiexin Textile Group was founded in earily 1960’s, which was formerly the Taoyuan Textile Printing and Dyeing Factory. Jiexin is large-scale private corporation with production of spinning, weave, dyeing and printing and it is located in the picturesque and ancient city--- Changde.   
         The factory area is 250 thousand square meter and company owns waterworks, thermal power plant, sewage treatment plant, 3200sets looms, 12sets of dyeing and printed production line, 40sets of normal & high-temperature rolled dyeing...... View details→         Contact us→

Jiexin culture Jiexin culture Credit as guarantee, Quality as promise, Technology as guiding ......

Change course Change course Textile group after sixty years of operation, has accumulated rich experience in ......

Certificate & Reports Certificate & Reports Textile Group has passed ISO9001-2000 international quality system certification ......

Exhibition live Exhibition live Textile Group senior management personnel more than 50, the group has more than ......

Social responsibility Social responsibility Jiexin Group adhere to the concept of green, low-carbon development, environment ......

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Tel:86 0736-7711858        Fax:86 0736-7711868         Email:liu88jiexin@126.com        Address:No.15,West Wenchang Road,Taoyan,Changde,Hunan,China